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    HIC will act as a cross-point between different
    healthcare stakeholders to accelerate health equity
    so all people and communities can thrive.

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    Affordable and Efficient Healthcare Solutions

    We increase awareness of promising new strategies to address
    health challenges by curating a network of the most innovative
    healthcare entrepreneurs from around the world

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    Affordable and Efficient Healthcare Solutions
    Development and growth of innovative health organizations,
    including: business support, networking
    and learning opportunities, and access to financing.
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    Our Approach To Scale
    Affordable and Efficient Healthcare Solutions
    We help spread these innovations by supporting
    the planning, piloting, and evaluation of their adoption
    in new settings.
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    Affordable and Efficient Healthcare Solutions
    We facilitate the development and dissemination of
    focused insights and new evidence about global
    innovation and offer smart and practical strategies and ideas.

Types of Innovations

Our Center is developing and adopting different innovative approaches in healthcare.


Innovations in the delivery of health care can result in more-convenient, more-effective, and less-expensive treatments for today’s time-stressed and increasingly empowered health care consumers.

Processes & Technology

Innovative business models, particularly those that integrate health care activities, can increase efficiency, improve care, and save consumers time.

New drugs, diagnostic methods, medical devices and systems offer the hope of better treatment and of care that is less costly, disruptive, and painful.

Educational Programs

Improving access of local institutions to best international practices and experience and developing professional workforce through implementation of innovative educational programs.

Board of Trustees

Our Board spans many facets of healthcare delivery. From providing clinical services to remote populations, to technologies that ensure authenticity of medicine, HIC curates innovative ideas from around the world.

Our Partners

HIC collaborates with a number of organizations from around the world to identify, evaluate, and support
the innovators in our network and to contribute to research and insights about their impact.

HiCare Platform

HiCare is cloud-based personal health engagement platform for efficient monitoring, preventing, treating and management of chronic diseases.

HiCare is shifting the health care system to a model that emphasizes the importance of keeping people healthy and rewards physicians for coordinating care, for providing the appropriate care for each patient’s situation and for actual health outcomes.

Transportation issues, taking time off from work and finding child care are no longer an issue for routine visits and follow-up care. HiCare Telemedicine allows us to deliver care without the burden of traveling to the clinic.

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Medical University of Graz

Sustainable health research is the central theme at the Medical University of Graz. The Styrian health university is characterized by sustainability in teaching, research and patient care with the main focus on prevention and preservation of health. Students, instructors and staff learn and work together according to the principles of the biopsychosocial model, which places the person with all his or her needs at the center of attention. In parallel with the training of future doctors and nurses, and research into innovative treatment methods and health-preserving measures, the health university provides high-level patient care. Not only do students gain from expert knowledge, so does the whole population. Both young and old can take advantage of this great range of knowledge in the context of media coverage, talks and a great number of events.

Postgraduate continuing education for doctors and other target groups completes the broad range of services. Since 2016 HIC's experts are in close scientific and practical cooperation with Professor Berndt Urlesberger.

Joint program in the field of "Introduction of a multi-modal enteral medication regimen resulted in reduction of NEC associated morbidity and mortality" has been successfully implemented in “Muratsan” hospital which reduced mortality rate by 49%.

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Shengavit Medical Center

Shengavit Medical Center is one of the leading private multi-disciplinary therapeutic and diagnostic facilities in Yerevan (Armenia), base of the clinical postgraduate training for Yerevan State Medical University and the National Institute of Health.

Center operates the following services: obstetrics, operative and endoscopic gynecology, oncology, reproductology, general and endoscopic surgery, micro- and plastic surgery, vascular surgery, ophthalmology, ENT, anesthesiology and critical care medicine, dentistry, diagnostic center, clinical laboratory.

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Armenian Association of Neonatal Medicine

The Armenian Association of Neonatal Medicine is the leading organizer and guarantor of quality neonatal services in the Republic of Armenia.

To reduce child mortality and to promote the growth of a healthy generation, we are consistent in our efforts to organize neonatal services in line with international standards and to create decent working conditions for neonatal service providers.

To promote the development of neonatal science: to support the accessibility of scientific innovations and information, to advance experience sharing programs through internal and external networks.

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EU TUMO Convergence Center

The EU TUMO Convergence Center for Engineering and Applied Science will be a mixed-use campus that brings higher education and industry together, linking students, researchers, and professionals to each other and with their global peers while fostering innovation and entrepreneurship.

The center will include a set of mutually reinforcing components that combine teaching and training facilities, business incubators and accelerators, public retail outlets, and conference centers.

TUMO Labs is working with HIC to give participants hands-on experience in digital healthcare management and a broad view of challenges and opportunities in the field.

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World Vision Armenia

World Vision Armenia is programmatically represented in 256 communities – in seven regions(marzes) of Armenia and the capital Yerevan. Through its 14 Area Development Programs across Armenia the organization provides needs-based support to communities inhealth and nutrition, child protection and welfare, as well as economic development.

World Vision Armenia supports more than 34,000 children registered within the Sponsorship Program, among them 28,199 directly sponsored by devoted individuals from the USA, Canada,the UK, France, Taiwan, Germany and Switzerland.

World Vision and HIC identified the need to improve a child’s well-being through implementation of joint innovative programs in Armenia.

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World Vision

Moscow Regional Center for the Protection of Maternity and Childhood

Moscow Regional Center for the Protection of Maternity and Childhood and HIC has decided to collaborate in the field of neonatal medicine to reduce child mortality and to promote the growth of a healthy generation.

We are consistent in our efforts to organize neonatal services in line with international standards and to create decent working conditions for neonatal service providers.

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Our Programs

HIC is currently implementing several joint innovative programs with its partners.

Healthcare Processes

Necrotizing enterocolitis prevention - analyses, implementation and follow up with studies of program in Moscow Regional Center for the Protection of Maternity and Childhood.

Educational Programs

Tumo Labs and HIC has initiated new education program "Digital Healthcare" for students with technical background. It lasts 3 months and provides hands-on experience to the participants.

Technological Solution

Patient information management system that provides independent practitioners with a sophisticated yet easy to use method for entering and storing patients’ health information electronically.

Healthcare Processes

HiCare Platform for healthcare promotes the paradigm change from delayed interventional to predictive medicine, tailored to the person, from reactive to preventive medicine and from disease to wellness and to ultimately help improve the lives of those living with chronic diseases.

Educational Programs

Online education system for certifying healthcare professionals in different directions.

Technological Solution

Breast cancer research with biomarkers and machine learning techniques.

Based on the data it is planned to have a diagnostic tool and/or predicative (bio)marker set for breast cancer diagnostic and/or breast cancer progression risk, also new diagnostic tools will be presented.


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